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Without making you turn and twist on the topic, let us put it straight for you. Hyperintelligence has come into existence very recently. It is a MicroStrategy product, and it is about making data available to the staff to ensure convenience. It comes from the sources they trust and are personalized for their role within the company.

Hyperintelligence cards aim to deliver zero-click intelligence. The simple language seeks to provide critical data insights for specific keywords on all web applications. Hyperintelligence cards facilitate the feature.

These hyperintelligence cards are objects that host data and display predefined KPIs linked with keywords sourced from databases from the MicroStrategy platform. These cards combine information from various assets and applications.

Why Hyperintelligence?

Let’s think about the process of Google search. To get project-specific or client-related information, there will be a step of interruption in the task we are doing, navigate to another platform, such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM) or dashboard, and later interpret the mass of data being stored or compiled.

Now let us think about it. To fetch the data, people tend to stop what they are doing and then go on another platform to find the answer. Ultimately, only a few of the people from the enterprise who are hardcore data folks will take the time to do this. It is not sufficient for the enterprise of the future.

Hyperintelligence is a way to set out to change that dynamic. This method is simple, convenient, and something that everyone uses to make informed decisions about the business, regardless of position. To serve the reason of empowering teams and expanding data usage, the partnership with MicroStrategy is quite justified. It will help put all the data in the hands of employees at any given moment.

Working of Hyperintelligence

Hyperintelligence is the future of data analytics. Companies can add Zero-click intelligence about products, customers, and people into websites and web applications with this term.

It is created by MicroStrategy, a renowned leader in business analytics and mobility; this comes in the appearance of a Chrome extension that can show information from 200 enterprise data sources. It puts real-time contextual insights directly into a browser-based workflow.

After downloading the extension, Hyperintelligence scans the emails, web applications, and web pages for crucial keywords.

Way to use chrome extension

It is simpler than you probably think. The extension is available on Chrome Web Store. All you have to do is get inside the web store, make the selection on add extension option, and install it. Once the add extension task is done, you will have to connect it to a MicroStrategy environment.

Steps involved in connecting to an environment via extension:

  • Open the hyperintelligence extension in the toolbar
  • Enter the dedicated URL
  • Click on the continue button
  • And there you find yourself logged in to the environment

Once the log-in process gets completed, the color of the logo will change from grey to red. The next step for you to do is to start creating cards.

Hyperintelligence highlights

  • It is a technology that empowers experts to deploy contextual insight to any website, wall, device, screen, or application. It allows people to get answers in real-time, there are no interruptions, no delays to your workflow, and delivers insights to users within the applications that are already in use.
  • “Zero-Click Analytics” is a reality across webpages, emails, productivity platforms, CRM (customer relationship management) tools, and Office365 applications.
  • It works in a way where multiple data sources are consolidated, and one robust semantic layer solves the problem. It provides a single answer across various departments and teams.
  • It gives accurate and valuable insights plus accelerates decision-making without generating a need for the analytical background.

According to Saurabh Abhyankar, Chief Product Officer at MRI Software and former Chief Product Officer at MicroStrategy, “The adoption of analytics still kind of peaks out at somewhere between 10 and 30 percent at any given organization. What we realized was the simple fact that [people] don’t want to adopt analytics. They’re too busy using the applications that they already use. They’re in Excel, they’re in Outlook, they’re in Salesforce, they’re in the custom enterprise application that you just employed yesterday. But the truth is they’re busy in the applications that they use all the time and they don’t really want to jump out of those applications and go to a custom dashboard. They often don’t know where to search. We had to find a way to do it so that you’re not writing custom code.”

Conclusively, it has been bringing analytics to more people than ever before and changing the style of decision-making across the enterprise. The term hyperintelligence has the ability to supercharge applications – whether the organization is trying to make the Salesforce stronger or the browsers better, or the CRM sharper, they can do it all.

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